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A good sleep in important for happiness

Sleeping Beauty

Self-management requires patience, flexibility and alertness, which are the first things to go when you don’t get a good night’s sleep, Getting more sleep at night will probably help you manage yourself better, but not necessarily, The critical factor for an alert, focused, and balanced mind is the quality of your sleep, and for quality […]

Say Yes Say Yes to realise the power of Yes!

Sahil Gadhavi “Yes” is a powerful word. It can mean several different things depending on the context but most importantly it shows approval. An intent to do something. People do not say it often enough. On the other hand, we say “No” all the time. But saying no is not always just actually uttering the […]

Managing self is the best life management

Shuddhaanandaa Brahamchari In the previous parts you have learned the different aspects of Self Management. I am attempting to tell you about recognising the true purpose of work. Which surely creates well being in self management. Recognizing the True Purpose of Work Our day-to-day activities or work can be the means of self-discovery. We are […]