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Neither life is life nor death is death – Kabir

So, nirvana means that a person has come to know that death is not really death and life is not really life, Once he has come to the realisation of both, there is no longer any built in program for him. He has let go of the program. He says, “Now I will go alone – a solitary bird in flight. ”  He goes completely alone, leaving everything behind.

Kabir Ke Dohe (III)

Once a lady visited Kabir with her son. She complained of the boy eating heavy amounts of jaggery each day. Kabir listened to her problem patiently and then asked her to return to him with her son after one week. When the women did as asked, Kabir asked the boy to discontinue the practice. On […]

Kabir Ke Dohe (II)

Nandita Kochar If there’s one man whose words continue to serve as a beacon of hope, of light generations after they were penned, it is Kabir Das, a 15th century Sufi poet & mystic. Kabir’s couplets believed in overcoming age-old superstitions and myths, and bringing down humans to their roots of love, warmth and care […]

Kabir ke Dohe (I)

Nandita Kochar Kabir Das, a 15th-century Indian mystic poet and saint, composed during his lifetime couplets that are as simple with their words as they are sublime with their wisdom. If we try to understand the golden meaning behind these dohas, we’ll be able to lead our lives more fully. In this series, we attempt […]