“A teacher continues to be a student, a student continues to be a seeker”. Nagesh Alai

“Never a lame chat if ever a lambent wit”. Nagesh Alai

“If we use the meek and weak for distinction, disgrace will soon redound to us”. Nagesh Alai

“Let life be a brush with nature’s colours.” Nagesh Alai

“Law may be an interpretation, but justice cannot be a perception”. Nagesh Alai

“You win over with a bow and blandish, not a blow and brandish”. Nagesh Alai

“Fall guys may suffer, but false guys will pay”. Nagesh Alai

“Opulence gets importance, substance attains relevance”. Nagesh Alai

“Negate the bad within for victory over it outside. Happy Dussehra.” Nagesh Alai

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