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Most people say I Love you in three months to their partner

he most common length of time people waited was three months with an impressive 22%. As many as 14% admitted to saying it after six months, while 13% uttered those all important words within the first month. Not everyone is as reserved when it comes to expressing how they feel though, with 3% saying “I love you“ in as little as a week. At the more cautious end, 3% said it in nine months, 6% in a year and 2% in a staggerng two years.

Love has its own meditation

A wow can be helpful if taken in a very relaxed, deeply meditative mood. Otherwise you are simply showing your anger, your frustration and nothing else, and you will forget the wow within twenty four hours. The energy will have come again, and just as an old routine you will have to release it.

We have travelled on the path of sex and anger for life after life

You fight anger, and for a moment it seems as if you are going to conquer it – but than the very next day you discover that the victory was merely imaginary, anger takes hold of you again. You fight sexual desire: for a moment it seems that you are victorious, but then again you are defeated.

The ten emotions of Power for scripting a successful life

If we study the life of successful persons we find that they have very strong power of positive emotions in their character and that helps them to go on scripting a successful life which is not measured by material gains alone

Culture of Vulnerability and Empathy is a virtue at work place

There are some good reasons to have concerns. Many work places are emphatic deserts. the psychologist Oliver James argues that the business word in particular has an unusually high proportions of people who exhibit a “dark triad” of disturbing personality trades: they can be machiavellian, narcissistic, and even psychopathic.