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Love – that one word contains all that is worth having in life, worth possessing in life. One can forget God and nothing is lost, but if one forgets love, then everything is lost. If love is there, God is bound to happen because God is the ultimate peak of the experience of love. But […]

When u are egoless love starts blossoming it feels like spring has suddenly come to you. And there is not only one flower, but thousands of flowers in your being. Great is the fragrance.It is because of this experience of the spring and the flowers and the infinite fragrance that Jesus called God “love.” He […]

Humbleness does not mean less ego, it simply means ‘no ego’. And the ego has to  totally put aside, discarded so that  love starts blossoming. Related posts: From “I love You” Say “I Love Me” and Rejoice Understanding the three layers of mind Less is More – guarantees paradigm shift in our consciousness Ego Is […]

The most important thing to remember in life is that God loves us, that he has not forsaken us, that he is not indifferent to us, that he is continuously concerned about us, that he cares. The deeper this idea enters your heart the better because when you start feeling more and more loved by […]

One has to go on improving one’s quality of love. One has to make it more and more unconditional, unmotivated, undemanding, non dominating, non egoistic. When your love is absolutely pure, you have attained godliness. There is nothing more to it. You have attained the ultimate perfection of life. Love is the essence, so let […]