Sessions @ Work Place

We are living in unprecedented times. Gone are the days when a 40-hour workweek defined the boundary between professional and personal space.

While the world battles with Covid-19, the pandemic has been a harbinger of many changes in society. Many businesses have had to tweak their operations overnight to damage control. Working from home has transitioned from being a privilege to being a necessity.

From dealing with distractions and being on the verge of burnout to managing the blurred lines of personal and professional life, working from home brings with it a myriad of challenges.

Session Synopsis

Building loving and lasting relationships with clients, colleagues and family.

Business is all about people. We blame others without looking inwards. Learn the art of relating with your clients customers and family. The alchemy of relationship is based on universal love. Explore your loving being so that it flows to others through touch, words and eyes. Learn Meditation, NLP and Healing techniques.

Stress is part of life, how to deal with it.

Stress is essential part of life. Time has come that we learn how to deal with it. Mental stress is worst and needs immediate interventions. Identify your triggers and learn to manage them using mindfulness techniques and healings.

Connecting the dots in life

Work and Life are two sides of the same coin. Still we miss to connect several dots of our inner and outer journeys resulting in a massive split. Come bridge the gaps and enjoy the unified YOU using interesting NLP, mindfulness and meditation techniques.

How can we keep the negative emotions
at bay

Negative emotions if not disputed are big deterrent to growth. They engulf us and we become victim of our thinking. Learn how to dispute negative emotions using positive psychology interventions.

Leadership in Down turn

Economic downturn spells hardship on emotions as well. Leaders of good times face real situations that they have never faced before. Leading a team with high emotional wellness in a Downturn is a big challenge It needs Mindfulness techniques to last the bad times

When going is tough, tough get going
(Middle Management)

The middle management team battles the most of the tough times. This team has to push top management for several tough decisions and pull the lower management to perform. Learn mindfulness techniques for tough times

How to build a happy company
(Top Management)

Growth is the natural expression of Happiness. For a growing company it is imperative for the top management to emphasise Happiness. Positive Psychology helps build an happiness Eco system. This program is aimed to enhance personal and collective happiness of the top management through Positive Psychology interventions, Spirituality and well-being.

Competitiveness the Buddha Way
(Sales Team)

The most competitive people are the ones who run the race for inner growth. This program is aimed at developing inside out approach of the team to sustain the competitive pressures and deliver better sales results with internally co-operative approach.

Connecting with New age Employee (HR)

Engagement with the new breed of employees is different due to the ever evolving value system. Society is rapidly changing course and therefore leading to human complexities. The program highlights these complexities of New age Employee and possible solutions

Managing the Success

Nothing succeed like success and nothing fails like failure. All Successes nourish egos and does not guarantee happiness that breed growth. Success if not managed both at personal and organisational levels lead illusions that might create enormous emotional stress. Therefore how to lead a successful team to next level is a huge challenge. The program uses tested interventions of positive psychology, meditations and healing to a variety of successful individuals and groups within the company

Invisible direction of Growth

We have known four dimensions of growth in vertical and horizontal axis but there is another invisible growth which impacts the human capital internally. It’s the emotional growth which comes with success and repeated failures in life. The program aims to help the participants focus on internal growth through Behavioural therapies, Meditations Healing and Positive Psychology interventions.

Anger is a useful energy why waste it

We know anger as a negative energy but Anger is a useful energy which can easily be transformed. A successful manager should make use of his anger energy to a positive outcome and learn to transform anger to interesting outcomes. Positive Psychology and Meditation Techniques with healing and behavioral therapies makes this our hot program for corporates.

Building Gratitude for a fulfilling career

Gratitude is essential for happiness. A career without gratitude will never breed happiness which will impact family and work life. The Buddhist approach of gratitude is helpful for enhancing fulfilment in life which empowers participant with sense of security and Happiness through Meditations, Healing, and Positive Psychology interventions

Flourishing is the ultimate goal

Any Happiness program without Flourishing in life is incomplete. Therefore we focus on delivering flourishing in sustained manner using Applied Philosophy and Positive Psychology interventions

How to be compassionate in corporate life

Compassion is a positive emotion which is extremely important in a growing company. Compassion has a passion in build. So how can you be passionate about your goals with compassionate approach. The program aims to help participants build teams which are passionate and full of well-being to achieve vision and mission of the company and pre decided goals.

How to unlearn Helplessness for sustained Happiness

Often in the organisation due to repeated episodes employees learn helplessness and create negative energy in the eco system. Once they lean how to unlearn the helplessness it shall help them to contribute and add to the overall happiness of the company for higher growth.