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The ten emotions of Power for scripting a successful life

If we study the life of successful persons we find that they have very strong power of positive emotions in their character and that helps them to go on scripting a successful life which is not measured by material gains alone

We have travelled on the path of sex and anger for life after life

You fight anger, and for a moment it seems as if you are going to conquer it – but than the very next day you discover that the victory was merely imaginary, anger takes hold of you again. You fight sexual desire: for a moment it seems that you are victorious, but then again you are defeated.

Is Response-ability means you should turn the other cheek ?

Response comes from your self. Reaction is created by the other person. He has hit you. He is the master of the situation and you are simply a puppet. You are reacting. His action is decisive and because he ahs done something now you are doing something in reaction.