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Do not expect your child to be super human

We expect our child to be super human and so we go on burdening him with expectations of parents, school and society. Indian parents often complain about their children that they misbehave and do not focus on studies. Interestingly, when the same child interacts with group and individuals beyond school and family, responds in a […]

Medicine and Meditation for Real Health

Swami Chaitanya Keerti Thanks to Indian Yogis, the Buddhist Zen masters and other meditation teachers from the East, meditation has gone mainstream all over the world. Now meditation, in the West, can be seen as complimentary to Western therapies or as an alternative option all together. Some people think meditation is purely for relaxation, but many scientific researches […]

Understanding the difference between knowledge and knowing

The true religion can only be one, just like science. You don’t have a Mohammedans physics, a hindu physics, a christian physics;  that would be nonsense. But that’s what the religions have done – they have made the whole earth a madhouse. If science is one, then why should the science of the inner not […]