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Overcoming the Obstacles to Peace and Happiness in Family Life

In a family there are any number of people, each one has different conditions, likes, dislikes, expectations and aspirations. All of them are trying to make sure their needs and expectations are met, that they get the focus and attention they need. For example, the husband might think he should be given the utmost respect because […]

How do we strip the negative emotions of their power

How do we strip the alienating emotions of  their power without becoming insensitive to the world, without draining life of its richness? If we merely consign them to the depths of the unconscious  they will reemerge with renewed force at the first opportunity, continuing to strengthen the tendencies that perpetuate inner conflict. The ideal, contrarily […]

Strategies for Relationship Management

Most people have a spring in their step and put their best foot forward when they are in a new relationship (work or otherwise) but they stumble and loose their footing trying to maintain relationships over the long term. Realty soon sets in and one starts realising that the honeymoon phase is officially over. The […]