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Just feel the heart’s music and be happy !

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari Our heart is the center of the universe, for it is from the heart that we feel our expansion to embrace, to hug, to offer our deepest emotions to all beings, and that always brings us the greatest fulfillment. God did not choose to make our head his residence. God always chose to […]

Looking at some Goddesses from the Indian Folk Tales!

Ever wondered why the sun crosses the sky? Or why most men love tobacco? Let’s see how the traditional tales from various regions of India attempt at answering these questions, with their very own Goddesses being the protagonist of these stories! Tambaku In Madhya Pradesh, tribals narrate the story about a young woman named Tambaku […]

Relaxation is ultimate Joy and Ecstasy

You walk a certain pace, that has become habitual, automatic. Now try to walk slowly. Buddha use to say to his disciples, walk very slowly, and take each step very consciously.  If you take each step very consciously, you are bound to walk slowly. if you are running, hurrying, you will forget to do this. Hence buddha walk very slowly.