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Grit is important element for self motivation

The concepts of Grit and purpose might in principle seen to conflict. How is it possible to stay narrowly focused on your own top level goal while also having the peripheral vision to worry about anyone else? if Grit is about having a pyramid of goals that all serve a single personal objective, how do other people fit into the picture?

During These Dark Times, Anchor Yourself To Your Emotions

From the eternity of time, we’ve been taught how happiness, joy, pride, excitement are positive emotions among others. And how sadness, hurt, anger, fear are the bad boys, among a whole lot of others. We were always asked to seek the positive gang and stay as far as possible from the negative emotions. I stay […]

Obsessive desire often degrades affection

The obsessive desire that often accompanies passionate love can degrade affection, tenderness, and the joy of appreciating  and sharing the life of another. It is the diametric  opposite of altruistic love. It arises from egocentrism that merely cherishes itself in the other or, worse still, seeks to forge its own happiness at other’s expense. This […]

Self confidence is needed to be in control of life events

Building self confidence is based on control of our personal circumstances. We accept the things we cannot control, but we learn over time to control our thoughts and feelings and the impact we can have on the wider world. That is the things we have a degree of control over. Here are some reminders to […]