There’s no better exercise than to pause for 15 minutes on a daily basis and just be, in the present, with no worries about the future and no regrets about the past. There’s no better exercise than meditation. Here’s why:
1. Better Focus

When you are able to focus all your attention to something as unnoticed as breathing, you can bring this concentration to other aspects of your life easily.

2. Mindfulness

Life is not happening in the frames of the past or the future, it is happening in the now. The past maybe sad, the future may be worrisome but the present, down to this very moment, is just calm. The present just lets you be. And being mindful of this present is what meditation lets you do.

3. Increased Creativity

Think of your mind as a cluttered room and think of meditation as a magical broom that lets you sort this room out. Once some space is free in this room, new ideas can begin to make home here; ideas that wouldn’t have emerged in the earlier messy state of the mind.

4. Better Health

Strong immune system, lower blood pressure, increased energy level, better breathing and heart rates are some of the health benefits of meditation.

5. Better Thinking

Your mind is alert, clear and focused. All this lets you make better decisions and see how these decisions will impact not only you but those around as well.

We are living in the 21st century, where the world is full of chaos, with issues and multiple problems surrounding us constantly. In such a dreadful scenario, it is not only our physical health that suffers, but also our mental health. Whether noticed or not, our mind and body’s well-being goes through a lot of challenges as the clock ticks each day. And if these challenges are not addressed, it can lead to severe diseases in the future.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to take thorough care of our mental and physical health. And this is where meditation can  step in! The application of it as a daily physical practice has been quite popular since ancient times and is considered to be a perfect solution for all sorts of problems occurring in the human body.

Meditation is not new to India. What is new is the interest shown in it by the younger generations and the popular media. As per the studies, regular practice of meditation alleviates stress and anxiety. It also has a direct impact on physiological factors such as blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen consumption. The sum total of which is achieving of happiness!

Meditation is an adventurous route to self-discovery as it escalates the awareness of that which is essentially happening in front of your own eyes. With meditation you are able to reconnect with your inner soul and essence. The connection affects one’s daily life, automatically resulting in increased creativity, improved health, fulfilling relationships, and enthusiasm for life.