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The religious, spiritual & social significance of NAVRATRI

The religious, spiritual & social significance of NAVRATRI The excitement all over India is palpable, while we are getting set to celebrate the auspicious Navratri festival after a gap of two years. There are Navratri Mandaps, Pujo Pandals, and Mata -ki-Chowkis being set-up in all their glory. Navratri is a time when Hindus celebrate the goddess […]

Religious vis-à-vis Spiritual – KARWA CHAUTH paves the way!!

Karwa Chauth is an Indian Festival where women observe a day-long fast (without water) for the long life & well-being of their husbands. It is a prominent festival of North India celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm, but other communities also observe similar festivals, though in a slightly different manner. In the last decades, we […]

A true disciple needs power for his inner search and attain nothingness

I see monks, I see holy men: there search is also fundamentally political. They are also interested in people coming to know of their power. They are not just interested in attaining inner power – there interest is in people knowing about it. Even if they have no such power, they are satisfied if people talk about them

Extroversion helps happiness to grow

According to K. Magnus and his colleagues, happiness goes hand in hand with the capacity to assert one self with extroversion and empathy – happy people are generally open to the world. They believe that an individual can exert control over herself and her life, while unhappy people tend to believe themselves to be destinies play things.