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Happy mothers produce and bring up happy and balanced progeny. Unhappiness and stress make conceiving difficult, and if they do conceive, high stress levels and unhappiness have a direct impact on the baby’s mental, emotional and physical health.

Even when the baby is born – mother is her/his guiding force in the formative years. It is important for mothers to be happy and stress free to bring up their children to be happy and positive human beings.

We at Happiness Infinite believe that it is in everyone’s best interests to pay extra attention to mothers’ emotional framework and happiness. It is with this objective that a special place for mothers’ has been created on Happy Ho platform.

Come here to relax, get happiness tips, discover activities that would lead you to happiness, thus making way for a happier next generation as well.

Postpartum Depression: Signs To Watch Out For

Postpartum Depression: Signs To Watch Out For

The birth of a new born baby can lead to one experiencing a jumble of emotions – happiness, joy, anxiety, gratefulness. But it also might bring in something unexpected – Postpartum Depression.  In this article, we help the brand new parents identify the signs of this phenomenon so that they can seek timely help and bring both their and their baby’s life back on track!

What Our  Children Teach Us

What Our Children Teach Us

Above all else, I’m learning to trust and pray. Never before have I felt so inadequate, so out of control, so overwhelmed and so dependent on the Lord.

Happy Cows Produce More Nutritious Milk

Happy Cows Produce More Nutritious Milk

Aside from simply affecting the level of calcium found in milk produced by cows, hypocalcaemia is a major health threat to dairy cows because it is associated with problems in the immune and digestive systems.

Finnish Babies Sleep Happily In Cardboard Cribs

Finnish Babies Sleep Happily In Cardboard Cribs

Finland provides all mothers-to-be with a baby box, but there’s a string attached. To receive it, the mother has to undergo a medical exam during the first four months of pregnancy.

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