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Osho : A Mystic of Love

New Book Release of Swami Chaitanya Keerti in Pune on Gurupurnima Day 2022 It was a sacred occasion of Guru Purnima this year, and Ms. Sabina Sanghvi, a well-known media celebrity in Pune, launched this book by Swami Chaitanya Keerti– Osho, A Mystic of Love–at Sunderban Hotel, next door to Osho Meditation Resort in Koregaon […]

Understanding Emotions and Rising in Love

One of the wisest enlightened mystics of the last century, J. Krishnamurti, whose birthday is on 11th May, was often asked: What role has emotion in life? And one of the open sessions, compiled in “The Book of Life” answers: How do emotions come into being? Very simple. They come into being through stimuli, through […]

Conquer the Animals and Demons Within Us

“The biggest danger is not the virus itself. The really big problem is our own inner demons, our own hatred, greed, and ignorance”, says Yuval Noah Harari, tweeting on the COVID 19 pandemic.  The viruses visit us every now and then in every century and do kill us–sometimes many of us and sometimes not so […]

The Momentous Time for India: Super-Power or Soul-Power

Happy Young Indians

Currently, our human world is passing through a very serious period of despondency and death, all because of novel coronavirus spreading like wildfire around the world. At the time of writing this article, it was being reported about USA, the greatest superpower in the world, by New York Times, the largest circulated daily newspaper: Faced with the grim prospect […]

Emotions are meant to be expressed

Girl with expressive eyes

On his visit to USA, The Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi became emotional while answering a question at Facebook town hall. The question was pertaining to hardships his mother faced while raising him. He said in an emotional but proud voice that his mother Heeraben Modi raised him and his siblings as a single […]

The mysteries of life are revealed only in isolation and silence

During this lockdown caused by Coronavirus Pandemic, many people who have to be forcibly in isolationship, have suddenly become more interested in meditation or mindfulness. And luckily, there are thousands of meditators in the world today to offer meditation to the new people. This gives the world a new hope for a better world and better humanity. […]