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The Momentous Time for India: Super-Power or Soul-Power

Happy Young Indians

Currently, our human world is passing through a very serious period of despondency and death, all because of novel coronavirus spreading like wildfire around the world. At the time of writing this article, it was being reported about USA, the greatest superpower in the world, by New York Times, the largest circulated daily newspaper: Faced with the grim prospect […]

Emotions are meant to be expressed

Girl with expressive eyes

On his visit to USA, The Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi became emotional while answering a question at Facebook town hall. The question was pertaining to hardships his mother faced while raising him. He said in an emotional but proud voice that his mother Heeraben Modi raised him and his siblings as a single […]

The mysteries of life are revealed only in isolation and silence

During this lockdown caused by Coronavirus Pandemic, many people who have to be forcibly in isolationship, have suddenly become more interested in meditation or mindfulness. And luckily, there are thousands of meditators in the world today to offer meditation to the new people. This gives the world a new hope for a better world and better humanity. […]

Relaxing with Natural Vipassana

Vipassana Walk

Recently someone who was having a certain difficulty in meditation sent me a question and wanted some help: “What forms of meditation are as effective as Zen in helping one become mindful? I have mild cerebral palsy and sitting still, relaxing and focusing on my breath is hard. The thought of sitting down to relax […]

The Fragrance of Meditation And How Widely it Spreads

Girl doing Meditation

A friend has written to me: What is your advice on becoming a meditation teacher/practitioner? These days, it is a common question many people ask because they think  that meditation has a big market. It has become a flourishing business  in India and all over the world. And the people who meditate  themselves rarely, are teaching […]

The Ecstasy of a Sannyasin

A Sannyasin learning energy healing from Swami Chaitanya Keerti

Picture courtesy Osho Nisarga, Dharamshala Swami Chaitanya Keerti  Last month, I facilitated the Neo Zen retreat at Osho Nisarga in Dharamshala.  On the last day of the retreat, a sincere seeker, Tomas Andrade from New Zealand took sannyas initiation and as he had asked for a new name, he was given the name: Swami Dhyan […]