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Happiness Mantra

  • Beyond Sorrow

    Beyond Sorrow

    The wise harm no one. They are masters of their bodies and they go to the boundless country. They go beyond sorrow.Read More »

Happiness Tip

  • If we truly want happiness in life then we need to learn the art of witnessing or distancing ourselves from external situations. If two persons are into a heated argument, and we watch from distance we may be entertained! But if we are into the arguments, we are annoyed and frustrated. Distance gives us scope […]

Happy Thought Of The Day

  • “If you can deal with dearth, you will save the earth”. Nagesh AlaiRead More »

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Inner Climate Change – Need of the Hour

Inner Climate Change – Need of the Hour

The Himalayan ranges span across India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Nepal, and Bhutan and house the highest peak in Mount Everest and house the world’s third largest deposits of ice and snow.

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