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  • Be careful about your thoughts and feelings for they have magnetic qualities. Wherever you are putting your energy and focus, consciously or unconsciously, you are attracting such situations in your life. You are happy or unhappy not because of external situations and persons, but how you are handling them and what thoughts you are nurturing. […]

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  • “Share replete if you don’t  want to deplete”. Nagesh AlaiRead More »

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Sweet little lies- Cognitive Dissonance

Sweet little lies- Cognitive Dissonance

Suppose you buy a new car. However you regret your choice soon afterwards: engine sounds like a jet taking off and you just cannot get comfortable in the drivers seat. What do you do? giving the car back would be an admission of error ( you don’t want that !) , and anyway, the dealer probably would not refund all the money.

The wisdom that realises egolessness

The wisdom that realises egolessness

n just the same way, in Tibetan buddhism there is a basic, normal, elementary spiritual education, a complete spiritual training for the natural Bardo of this life, which gives you the essential vocabulary, the ABC of the mind. The basis of this training are what are called the ” three wisdom tools” : the wisdom of listening and hearing; the wisdom of contemplation and reflection, and the wisdom of the meditation.

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