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  • Non-attachment is the way to go beyond

    Non-attachment is the way to go beyond

    It is true that we can never be free from Maya unless we cultivate non-attachment. But it does not mean severing our connections from home,family and all worldly concerns and taking up the life of a religious mendicant. I do not agree with those who hold the view that the only means of cultivating non-attachment […]Read More »

Happiness Tip

  • . When we observe our breath and bring our attention to incoming and outgoing flow of vital energy, the pattern of breath changes, as the mind rides on breath automatically the mind also changes its pattern from negative to positive thoughts and feelings. Thus by being mindful of your breaths you can change your inner […]
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Mindfulness for Managing Anger

Mindfulness for Managing Anger

Anger is a very potent emotion. though it causes hurt but only who can be angry has the potential to be loving.  Anger has some interesting warning signs. Both physical and mental. If you are mindful and aware of those you can immediately make out what is hitting you....

“F” for Family is force for happiness!

“F” for Family is force for happiness!

Sahil Gadhavi  During a recent new year get together I had a chance to meet a eighteen year old youngester enjoying his newly acquired adulthood. My interaction with him revealed that he has a bit different family life and I felt that what he is narrating probably is...

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