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  • “Meditation is an effort to get rid of personality and to reach to your living sources of life, your individuality, your flame” OshoRead More »

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  • When you are happy you share the vibrations of your happiness

    When you are happy you share the vibrations of your happiness

    Find reasons to fill your mind with vibrations of joy, smile, it is only when you are happy you can share vibrations of happiness to those who come in touch with you! You are not physical being but a vibrational being of light and love! Meditate on this reality to give and attract the best […]
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Be a joke unto yourself says Osho.

Be a joke unto yourself says Osho.

“Be a joke unto yourself,” says Osho. Considering the world, we live in now, this is the best way to respond to it, writes Swami Anand Kul Bhushan, on Osho’s birthday, 11 December. When you are feeling miserable, just sing, dance, rejoice. Your mind will say, “Are you...

Keep Your Heart Happy Naturally

Keep Your Heart Happy Naturally

An important point to be considered here is that remedies such as garlic, cayenne, ginger and green tea can be made a part of your regular diet.

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