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  • Always try to see the hands of the divine behind every mundane act and situation in your life. It is all the play of Consciousness. Expand your field of conscious awareness and move through all the repetitive chores of life to cheer them up and find that life in itself is a perfect celebration when […]

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  • “Today is so livable, yet so perishable” Nagesh AlaiRead More »

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Calm abiding and clear seeing

Calm abiding and clear seeing

As you perfect the practice of calm abiding and you become one with the breath, after a while even the breath itself as the focus of your practice dissolves and you find yourself resting in nowness.

Where is the off Switch

Where is the off Switch

A few years later psychology professor Timothy Wilson and Jonathan Scholar repeated the experiment with the students from the university of Washington, the results were almost identical both students and experts preferred the same type but the that was only first part of Wilson”s experiment.

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