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Chains are in your head!

You want to break free but cannot because you cannot or you would not?  You need to decide, how you want to live your life – Chained or Free! Obviously, everyone wants to be free like birds, but is this a possibility? Rarely! “Is freedom anything else than the right to live as we wish? […]

Is freedom related to happiness?

In India, freedom like fashion was a taboo for young girls in their growing-up years in, say late 70s – early 80s. There was hardly any freedom given concerning even some major decisions of life. She was dependent on her parents, siblings, or other elders to decide how she would lead her life. Will she […]

Independence Day is celebration of Indianness

This is part of the good life for Indians today. Forget the rantings, screaming and ruckus of the politicians, forget the erratic changes of governments, forget the rumpus in the legislatures, Indians continue to improve, indeed raise, their living standards and styles, during the last twenty years.

Staying single has several benefits

Not Being Married Can Have Benefits Like Stronger Social Networks, A Healthier Body Bella DePaulo is 63 years old and she’s been single her entire life. I never wanted to get married. Living single was my happily ever after,“ DePaulo, a psychologist at the University of California Santa Barbara and a pioneer for the single […]