Happiness Measurement & Enhancement

Global studies have proved that happiness of a company’s human resources is vital to its success story. As is an oft noted fact, people are no longer keen to work at workplaces that cause unhappiness. Another fact is that happy employees lead to happy customers, better results and also a better reputation for the organisation.

It is important for organisations to measure, analyse and monitor their employees’ workplace happiness levels.

Happiness Ho solutions work very well here. We have scientifically proven techniques and surveys to measure Happiness Quotient of individual employees and Gross Happiness Quotient of the entire organisation.

Further to that, we have a number of solutions to enhance happiness in the organisation. While some of these are mood boosters and create an overall feeling of happiness in the organisation, others are more in-depth solutions, implemented over short time durations.

We invite corporates to try our Happy Ho measurement and solution once. We are more than sure that happiness would become a habit and an attitude in your organisation.