About Happy Ho

Happiness leads to living a more joyful and fulfilling life. When we are happy, we have a positive attitude, we are more motivated, creative, productive and energized. In sharp contrast, unhappy people suffer from anxiety, depression and pessimism.

As an outcome, happy people enjoy their daily activities that further enhance their happiness. Unhappiness, however, leads to lack of enjoyment of daily activities, which in turn causes more unhappiness.

Happiness and positive emotions are also considered to be the best antidote to cardiovascular and other stress related ailments. Ask any doctor and he would attribute stress to be one of the key causes of most illnesses.

There is little wonder then that there is a constant quest for happiness in human life. Everyone wants to be happy: However, it is the chase that makes happiness slippery, momentary and distant. Stop the chase, be at peace with yourself and move towards a happy life the right way!

Studies show that happiness can be discovered and enhanced through training, thanks to the neuroplasticity of our brains. Conscious measures have a positive impact on our level of happiness, thus improving the quality of our lives.

Our happiness has a trickle-down effect. While our close contacts’ chances of being happy increase exponentially, their friends and friends of friends too gain. And when they get a taste of true happiness, they too make a conscious effort to be happy, in turn becoming the starting point of another chain of happiness.


We can think of happiness just the way we think of weight. If we eat in a certain way, certain kind of food and are active in a certain way – our body settles to a certain weight. However if we provide impetus like eating healthy and exercising more, our body weight changes. If we stay with the new regime, we can see its effects on an ongoing basis. However, if we go back to our old way of life, our body too returns to where it started. So is true of happiness.

That is where Happy Ho solutions come in. These solutions not only propel on the path of happiness, but also make sure that we stay there.

These solutions are built based on proven scientific fact that conscious effort in the right direction enhances our Happiness Quotient and by doing so improves our quality of life.