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Silence is the ultimate music

Osho says , Silence is music, pure music. the Zen people say that the ultimate enlightenment is like the sound of one hand clapping. If two hands clap, then there is a clash, conflict. When only one hand is clapping, it is of course absolute silent, theris no sound at all, and that silence is […]

Meditation is not an instant coffee

In one of his discourses on Vedanta the Seven Steps to Samadhi, Osho says: People from the West come to me and they say, “This very evening we are leaving, so give us some key. How can we become silent? But we don’t have any time to stay – we must go.”

Real happiness is in the deep Silence.

Silence is not silent. Eloquence could be chaos. But deep silence is most eloquent. Eloquence of silence is not chaos. It is the one source of ultimate infinite intelligence. It is the space between galaxies, between our breaths. It is not empty, void, but is the core and potential ground the very threshold of the […]