From the HR desk

Unhappy employees, it is no secret, do not augur well for a corporate. Their unhappiness impacts others in the organisation as well. Research has proved that happiness at work is not just about money, it is also about how the employees feel about what they are doing.

As is obvious happier workers are keen to work for the growth of the company. They are more productive and keep others in the office too charged up. They are focused, more productive and creative.

As for unhappy employees, they have:

  • Low morale
  • Low accountability
  • Low productivity
  • Stress
  • High employee turnoves
  • Poor perforamance
  • Bad attitudes
  • Absenteeism
  • I don’t care attitude
  • Procrastination
  • Fatigue

Hence the Human Resource function in the organisations that care for their employees, make a continuous effort to increase the happiness levels of the employees.

In this section of Happy Ho, our endeavour is to bring the best of employee happiness practices being adapted by organisations and more directly from HR desks.

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