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Read & Evolve Part 2

In my last article, we explored the immense benefits of reading which were direct like how reading helps you grow and evolve. How it is critical for human survival? How does it define the person you are? How does it help you in connecting and understanding the outer world & More!  Have you ever thought […]

Are you bogged down by expectations?

Are you bogged down by expectations? Expectations of others Expectations of your own Expectations of circumstances Expectations of surroundings You are not the only one! The day we are born, expectations start chasing us, so much so that we start growing up under the weight of expectations of our parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, teachers… Sometimes […]

Hot water shower…immensely beneficial to calm your nerves!

Recently, I returned from a daylong event. The venue was great, it was not far, we travelled in an AC cab to the AC venue, sounds cool. Still, when I returned home, I felt exhausted due to the heat outside, Mumbai traffic, and temperature imbalance. As I stepped into the house, my phone rang…as anticipated, […]

Do you know about Stress Busters around you?

The term “Stress” is the most pervading phenomenon of recent times. Even a toddler, who has just started going to school is stressed, then what to say to his parents and grandparents? The term stress applies to physics, which describes it as a strain on a physical body. Now it applies to human beings, each […]

Meditation: A BIG boon in stressful times!

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day unless you are busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” Zen proverb. This is an ideal situation if you practice meditation to live a happy life. Many of us are aware of the immense benefits of meditation but feel very lazy to practice it. […]

Stress – What is this new-age phenomenon?

In today’s parlance, it is the most widely used term, globally, across continents, across nations, across ages, across races, and genders. Stress is the widest spread phenomenon today which is impacting the world’s population like no other. Everybody is stressed… So, what is stress? Stress is our body’s response to pressure. Many different situations or […]

Tension arises when you are chasing something

People are trying to find happiness, hence the over concern with the body. It is almost an obsession. It has gone beyond the limits of concern to obsession with the body. They are making an effort to have some contract with happiness through the body, and that is not possible.

I experience a lot of tension and stress. How can I relax more

Stressed woman having so many thoughts

Tension means hurry, fear, doubt. Tension means a constant effort to protect to be secure, to be safe. Tension means preparing for the tomorrow now or for the after life, afraid that tomorrow you will not be able to face the reality, so you have to prepare.