Anger is a very potent emotion. though it causes hurt but only who can be angry has the potential to be loving.  Anger has some interesting warning signs. Both physical and mental. If you are mindful and aware of those you can immediately make out what is hitting you. If we learn to recognise these subtle physical wanting signs of anger we can hope to manage the anger much more effectively.

When you are getting angry you might feel one or more or all of these following signs. A mindful approach to recognise them is brilliant. Just watch it out.

  • Your heart is beating faster
  • You are breathing more quickly
  • Your face muscles tighten
  • your body is becoming tense
  • your voice becomes louder and sharper

Don’t judge just witness these physical feelings when arising in you. Being aware of these response is being mindful. You can bring the change in the pace at which you mind is racing, slow down a bit without suppression or denial that you are angry. Acknowledge and take responsibility as what you feel.

Engage you brain

Anger kills your logical thinking. It makes you irrational and illogical. It is important to remain in control and increase your ability to think more clearly. The best way is to disassociate yourself with the situation. Just as a sprinter running at a speed of 130 Kms suddenly stops and ask why am I running. Ask yourself Am I angry if yes,  why and what is stopping me to think clearly. Am I so angry that I shout, yell or fight.

The moment you disassociate your brain your logical and rational mind takes it over. Physiologically it can be explained that when you are angry your brain is using the amygdala the emotional instinctive part of your brain. This shuts down the neo-cortex – the thinking part of our brain.

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