Anger Management

We have been told to control our anger since our childhood but what we have never been told how to do it. Our society conditions us to not to get angry but it doesn’t let us learn the art of how not to be.

Normally, anger arises when things do not happen as per our wish, desire or command. We then take out the anger to the people and things closer to us. Interestingly angry person suffers more and ends up with emotional bruises.

Anger is nothing but energy and can be transformed for productive uses. To transform anger one has to be full of awareness, which comes with mindfulness meditations.

Anger is repressed energy arising out of suppressed negative emotions. Importantly one should learn to get rid of these negative emotions.

Happy Ho runs mindful meditations especially designed for corporate houses to get rid of negative emotions, which will definitely help people to perform better at their work as well as fare better in personal life.

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