Become aware of whatever happens,. Once you allow your mind to speculate the negative possibilities then you will be caught in a stress cycle. But if you step back and are aware and conscious of the happening, then you will allow the higher consciousness to work to find a suitable solution. Thus you learn to […]


Love is a small lamp in the heart , but it is enough ; in fact more than enough . You don’t need to carry a sun with you ;nothing more is needed for life’s pilgrimage . The light of love goes on showing you the right path . If one starts listening to one’s […]

Just as repetitive thoughts and feelings create memories and emotions and they become a subconscious program, creating the same experiences of pains, so also repetitive thoughts of affirmations can outshine your negative past and welcome happy times now and in the future. Related posts: How do “Positive Affirmations” work to release anxiety? Let Go – […]

The Mediocre man lives according to others; the intelligent person is one who lives according to his own light. Whatsoever the risk, he is capable of taking it because he relies on his own intelligence. He knows that the greater the challenge, the greater will be his intelligence; hence he accepts challenges. He lives in […]

The past is a barrier. Unless one is courageous enough to die to the past, one cannot be rewarded by true life. And this death has to happen each moment because each moment we are creating the past. It is not that once you have died to the past, the whole thing is finished. After […]