It is commonly believed that if things are going ‘right’ for you, you would be a happy person. However, it is now quite common to feel emptiness, a sense of something amiss – it seems as if a small piece of jigsaw puzzle is amiss.

Happy Ho counselling services help you solve the jigsaw puzzle with or without that missing piece. Our counsellors play an important role in relieving worry and unwanted thoughts, in dealing with instability and in providing support for lifestyle changes.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), much favoured globally, helps you realise that you can actually control your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. You learn to challenge the negative thoughts and replenish them with happier and better ones. The outcome of this therapy is an increase in positive feelings, thoughts and behaviour – which make you a happier person. This gradually makes you a habitually happy person.

Our counselling services are available to you whether you are single, a couple, a parent or an organisation. Our response time is quick and our approach right.

Our counselling approach, incidentally, varies based on your needs; we do not sell a ‘one size fits all’ happiness approach. If nothing else, you would get out of the session feeling better about your life and willing to give happiness a second chance. Our counsellors would guide and support you in your journey on the path of happiness.

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