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Do you know about Stress Busters around you?

The term “Stress” is the most pervading phenomenon of recent times. Even a toddler, who has just started going to school is stressed, then what to say to his parents and grandparents? The term stress applies to physics, which describes it as a strain on a physical body. Now it applies to human beings, each […]

Stress Management: Why it is important to manage stress?

Why it is essential to manage stress? Stress, the modern-day buzzword is a medical condition, that we fail to admit. As for any physical ailment, we visit our doctor, we don’t do the same while suffering from concurrent stress. Getting stressed is very normal nowadays due to pressure from all quarters. Today, even a toddler […]

Stress – What is this new-age phenomenon?

In today’s parlance, it is the most widely used term, globally, across continents, across nations, across ages, across races, and genders. Stress is the widest spread phenomenon today which is impacting the world’s population like no other. Everybody is stressed… So, what is stress? Stress is our body’s response to pressure. Many different situations or […]