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Do you lose interest fast?

“No amount of effort can make up for a lack of interest.” Are you the one who loses interest and enthusiasm fast? Do you start with motivation, energy, and high hopes, but lose them after a short time? It so happens that you lose interest in one of your favourite hobbies or activity. You start […]

Are you a “quick fix” addict?

You would ask: One can be addicted to so many other things, how could one be a quick fix addict? It is a solution that joins broken things. It provides an instant solution to a problem. It works well temporarily and we use it as and when required. It is a first aid for any […]

Never under estimate the “Power of Small”

How small actions can make a BIG difference?  “Well, according to “The Power of Small,” it is the little things that make all the difference in life. The little things help us find our soul mates, get us that incredible promotion, and ultimately contribute to our overall sense of well-being.” To begin with, you make one […]

How to rise when life knocks you down?

If you are sad that life has knocked you down, what would you do? Stay there or rise and shine again. Both options are open for you, but which is a better option? Indeed, to get up, rise, and try one more time with full energy. For this, you need to learn how to manage […]

Are your dreams making you impatient?

Do you know what your dreams are?  A dream can be described as a series of images, thoughts, desires, or emotions that pass through your mind. It is a wonderful thing you can create in your imagination, most often related to your future. It is something you wish and hope to achieve someday. Based on this, […]

Planning to give up? Take a pause!

I recently met my music school fellow during a music concert. He has been learning classical singing for many years and puts in a lot of effort to learn, though he is not from any musical background. Moreso he is a senior Govt. official which makes the task even more challenging. I was quite delighted […]

How to be less anxious?

Are you consistently anxious about the future? Are you constantly thinking something may go wrong? Are you thinking that you may be inflicted with some disease? Are you thinking what if your children do not look after you in the future? Are you thinking about the loss of a dear one? If yes, you are […]

Don’t Cry, it’s Over!!

Today I would like to rewrite the famous number: Don’t worry be happy! Don’t Cry, always Smile!! Is crying any solution for the emotions or situations you are going through? Not really, still, we cry. Holding tears is not everybody’s cup of tea. It needs a lot of courage to manage or hold your tears […]

We rise by lifting others!

Is helping others a virtue? Helping others is a big virtue that needs no skills, qualifications, or expertise. You just need a mindset to help others.  When we help others, it adds to our happiness quotient like when we give to others it activates the areas of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection, and […]