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The New Man and The New Humanity Life Affirmation is The Alchemy of Transformation

“The beauty of facing life unprepared is tremendous. Then life has a newness, a youth; then life has a flow and freshness. Then life has so many surprises. And when life has so many surprises boredom never settles in you.” Osho The Coronavirus has brought the greatest surprise to the whole world–not just a surprise, […]

How do we strip the negative emotions of their power

How do we strip the alienating emotions of  their power without becoming insensitive to the world, without draining life of its richness? If we merely consign them to the depths of the unconscious  they will reemerge with renewed force at the first opportunity, continuing to strengthen the tendencies that perpetuate inner conflict. The ideal, contrarily […]

You don’t have to look outside for the light…it’s already within you.PM Modi’s spiritual quest and teachings for young minds.

My family of 8 lived in a 40×12 feet house – it was small, but enough for us. Our days began early, around 5 AM when my mother would provide traditional forms of curing and healing to newborns and small children. Through the night my brother and I would take turns to keep the ‘chula’ […]