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Why Laughter is the best medicine?

Do you laugh often? Or do you not laugh that often? Or do you not laugh at all? You need to seek an answer and why do you do that? What are its implications? How laughter enables you to maintain a cheerful spirit? How laughter helps you with good health? Many years ago, when a […]

“Natural” not “Cosmetics” for the beautiful you!

“There is beauty in simplicity and there is strength too. The less you define yourself- your successes, happiness, and worth by stuff, the more enjoyment you will find in your day and the less external validation you will need.” Beauty is gifted, but if you conduct yourself well, beauty is acquired and is more long-lasting. […]

The Importance of Scheduling Nothing

While returning from my evening walk in the colony, I met an old acquaintance who travelled with me to Church Gate when I was working. The lady in her 50s looked pretty as always, but not happy. After exchanging pleasantries, I asked her, why she was here. She told me that she was returning from […]

Naatu Naatu your way to life!

“Dance is a language beyond words, expressing that for which we have no words.” – Jennifer De Leon How Dancing Can Improve Your Quality of Life and Health?  When the news of Naatu Naatu winning the Oscars splashed, we could not resist doing Naatu Naatu in our living rooms but only to face the harsh […]

Why Crying Is Good For You

Letting a tear or two roll down isn’t so bad. Let’s see why! Crying Makes You Feel Good/Light Ever felt lighter after crying for some good amount of time? That’s because when you cry, the body releases oxytocin and endogenous opioids, otherwise known as endorphins. These feel good hormones relieve you of both physical and […]

No Fear is Love

I ask this question to myself from where do I get all the negative emotions, As a human being I have never asked for them but still they exist in me. But from where and how ? Fear breeds greed, hate, jealousy and anger. Then what is the fear? The fear is always of the […]

How does taking small meals to help you?

Are you the one who savours frequent meals or is just get satisfied with two full meals a day? Both are good options, depending on your eating habits, metabolic system, and health mechanism. In recent times, particularly during and after Covid 19, people are majorly working from home. Staying indoors has made us addicted to […]