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Reach your goals, well in time!

Now that we have started getting set for New Year, with renewed vigour and hope, it is time to set new goals to add value to our New Year. Do you know why goal setting is important? It is important because it gives you direction for the future. If you work on its finer details, […]

Self – Discipline – the KEY to success!

You too are striving to become self-disciplined? You too are unable to achieve your goal? Do you too feel lazy about following a regimen? You too are finding it difficult to take up a task? You need to recover from this state, the sooner the better! You need to be self-disciplined. How do we define […]

How to stay motivated in a demotivating atmosphere?

How to stay motivated in a demotivating atmosphere?  Is the atmosphere motivating or demotivating?  You need to evaluate your atmosphere yourself! Remaining motivated is key to your survival and well-being. Motivation is the key to all your creativity, aspirations, goals, purpose, and all good things. The moment this feeling seep in, everything falls into place. […]

Goals unleash the unlimited power in life

The way we usually know, we have set the right goal is when it seems impossible but at the same time it is giving us a sense of crazed excitement just to think about the possibility of achieving it. In order to truly find that inspiration and achieve those impossible goals, we must suspend our belief system about what we are capable of achieving

Accept totally for a blissful life

Swami Chaitanya Keerti There is so much misery in our life because of our illusory goals being constantly manufactured by our own mind. It is an endless game for an achieving mind without understanding the vastness of life. It is just like a wave expecting and demanding the ocean to behave according to its wishes. It is […]