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Become aware of whatever happens,. Once you allow your mind to speculate the negative possibilities then you will be caught in a stress cycle. But if you step back and are aware and conscious of the happening, then you will allow the higher consciousness to work to find a suitable solution. Thus you learn to […]

Just as repetitive thoughts and feelings create memories and emotions and they become a subconscious program, creating the same experiences of pains, so also repetitive thoughts of affirmations can outshine your negative past and welcome happy times now and in the future. Related posts: How do “Positive Affirmations” work to release anxiety? Let Go – […]

The most powerful mantra for self-motivation is “By God’s grace, “I can”. Life is how we make it so somewhere deep in your mind keep saying ,I can surmount all obstacles and transform them into steps to success and abundance. Related posts: Self – Discipline – the KEY to success! Invest in yourself… “Never Quit” […]

The essence of Dharma, devotion, love, Prayer, and all that connects us to our eternal Self is Patience. It is the bedrock of Sadhana and Siddhi, the practice and perfection. Related posts: Not so perfect? Never mind!! Are your dreams making you impatient? Self – Discipline – the KEY to success!