Food Meditation

Food Meditations are about two topics: Food and Meditation

Both these subjects can be explored eternally and that is what we do during food meditations. It is an exploration where the participants are the voyagers and group energy functions as the guide.

The idea is to connect with the truer entity within and without.

We offer PURE food, and you invoke the purer Self during the event (which involves a small group of people) – when they meet, a feeling arises, an understanding crystallizes and that is what we call an experience and it stays.

Food meditations bring back attention to food itself, how it is grown, prepared and most importantly how it is eaten. In food meditation sessions conducted by Happiness Infinite food meditators, people sit silently on the floor, preferably cross legged, disconnect from technology, present themselves to the food and eat.

Food meditations are especially beneficial to corporates with tough targets and tight deadlines. Once the employees realise the beauty of eating food the right way and stop carrying their stress to the dining table – they learn to destress and focus.