Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of Happiness differentiates happiness from momentary pleasure. While things, dreams or ambitions that a person thinks would give him happiness might differ, the feeling of happiness is the same. We believe that happiness cannot be tied to any goals or achievements – attaining them gives short-lived pleasure. Our focus is on practices, principles and changes a person in individual capacity or an organisation can adapt to be happy. Happiness Infinite focus is on 40% happiness that can be influenced by mind and actions of a person. Happy Ho movement prides itself on helping people and organisations attain that.


To be a movement that breaks the barriers obstructing the path of Happiness; and thereby enhances wellness, productivity and quality of life!


We created Happiness Infinite with a two-pronged mission –

  1. To help Individuals maximise their happiness
  2. To help corporates improve company performance by focusing on positive organizational practices