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Are you bogged down by expectations?

Are you bogged down by expectations? Expectations of others Expectations of your own Expectations of circumstances Expectations of surroundings You are not the only one! The day we are born, expectations start chasing us, so much so that we start growing up under the weight of expectations of our parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, teachers… Sometimes […]

Do you have regrets in life?

If you have regrets in life, then you are not alone or an exception. All of us have regrets in life. Understandably, what is gone is gone, there is no point in crying over spilt milk. Still, we do it despite being warned by our elders. “I am not a product of my circumstances. I […]

How to ensure the quality of life?

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  Ferris Bueller Just as everyone has their definition of success, we all have slightly different ideas of what constitutes a high-quality life. However, there are some steps everyone can take to make life more enjoyable. Just taking […]

Is failure the best teacher?

Why failure is a great teacher? It teaches us about ourselves. When we fail, we learn things about ourselves that we would never have known otherwise. We learn what we are good at, and what we need to work on. This self-knowledge is invaluable, and it can help us to be our best selves. Thus, […]

Importance of “Sunshine” Vitamin

I live in Mumbai, which has a tropical climate and you do not experience extreme weather here. Hence, it works well for not-so-young people like me or old people like my mother. This January, I visited my mother in Greater Noida to experience some severe cold there. It was in a long time since I […]

Do you devote long hours in the office?

A company in MP’s Indore is in the news for a different reason. It wants its employees out – no not the way of laying off, but leaving the office at a stipulated time every working day. Sounds strange? Yes, it does! Probably, the times are getting passe when working rather than sitting late was […]

Is WRITING therapeutic?

How do we communicate? By talking? By Writing? By expressing? By actions? Yes, bit-by-bit all are means of communication. All of us talk, write, express, and act to put our point across. As far as talking, expressing, and acting is concerned all of us are naturally gifted. But we acquire writing as a skill through […]

Are you able to conquer stress related to a job change?

You need to learn to overcome the change and adjust and interact, to be comfortable. Times have changed, particularly when it comes to job scenarios. Frequent job change has become a norm, rather than an exception. I know of many youngsters who change jobs four times a year, which causes a lot of stress – […]

How to handle false accusation at work?

Accusation – False or True – has its implications. When it is true, you are subject to humiliation, but a sorry or written apology works besides your assurance that this act won’t be repeated. Though you are subject to great embarrassment, you have salvaged the situation. If the accusation is false or you are being […]

Are you in a dilemma about settling down in life?

One of the biggest dilemmas one faces in adult life is of settling down in life. What is settling down in life? : to begin to live a quiet and steady life by getting a regular job, getting married, etc. In our times, settling down implied completing education and getting married. It was our parent’s belief […]