Following A Master’s advice can lead you to happiness. Words and directions he or she offers are priceless. However, reading their words and forgetting about them is not enough. One needs to read those words and absorb them in life. His/her advice and motivation would help but inclination has to come from you.

Their thoughts have the power to stimulate thinking and provoke emotion, whether it really happens would always depend on the listener or reader.

People have really transformed their lives from one of mediocrity to that of happiness after listening to these gurus or reading them.

Happy Ho brings to you these masters on these pages and even to talk to you on occasion. Read them, imbibe learnings from them in your lives, and pave the way of infinite happiness for yourself.

Baba Lokenath Brahmachari 


Babuji Maharaj




Guru Nanak
Mira Bai
Bulleh Shah
Swami Vivekananda