Following A Master’s advice can lead you to happiness. Words and directions he or she offers are priceless. However, reading their words and forgetting about them is not enough. One needs to read those words and absorb them in life. His/her advice and motivation would help but inclination has to come from you.

Their thoughts have the power to stimulate thinking and provoke emotion, whether it really happens would always depend on the listener or reader.

People have really transformed their lives from one of mediocrity to that of happiness after listening to these gurus or reading them.

Happy Ho brings to you these masters on these pages and even to talk to you on occasion. Read them, imbibe learnings from them in your lives, and pave the way of infinite happiness for yourself.

Gurupurnima – A day to express gratitude to our Guru.

Gurupurnima is the day to express gratitude for your Guru. Osho says guru is made of “Gu” and “Ru”. Where Gu stands for darkness and Ru stands who dispels the darkness. So Guru is the Light who takes away all your darkness. No language can translate this word it is so intrinsically eastern. Osho says that “Guru choose his disciple”. The calling is from Guru. So all those who got the calling from their Guru are fortunate ones.

Maturity Is An Inner Growth – Osho

A mature person never commits the same mistake again. But just an old person goes on committing the same mistakes again and again. He lives in a circle. He never learns anything.

Happiness And Unhappiness Co-exist

Things are interdependent: failure/success, happiness/unhappiness, summer/winter, youth/old age, beauty/ugliness — all are interdependent, they exist together.

You Carry Your Wound

This word whole is beautiful. The word heal comes from the whole, and the word holy also comes from the whole. He is whole, healed, holy.

The Joy Of Life And Death

You are just like a child who is sent back to the same class again and again until he passes his grades. We tell him he will not be allowed into the next class until he completes this one.

The Gateway To Self Realization – Third Eye

Between the two eyebrows is the gland, which is a mysterious part of the body. This gland is called pineal gland, it is the third eye of Tibetans and Shivnetra the eye of Shiva of tantra. Between the two eyes exists the third eye, but it is non-functioning. It is...

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