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How To Exit An Already Dead Relationship!

Perhaps, you are already alone and are not willing to acknowledge this. The situation you fear has already happened several times. To put things out would just mean realizing and accepting that which has been you reality for a long time. At least, now you’d actually just be alone with yourself and not in the […]

Your One-Stop Guide to the Four Kinds of Parenting Styles

We all have wondered how different child-rearing practices affect children’s development, including Diana Baumrind, an American clinical and developmental psychologist known for her research on parenting styles. After studying how parents interacted with their preschool children, she identified two key dimensions of parental behaviour: Warmth versus Hostility Warm parents communicate love and affection for the child, whereas […]

Aristotle’s Three Kinds Of Relationships

People say, “I love my dog”, “I love chocolates”, “I love my wife”. Love and the relationships it helps build are a very essential part of everyday life. And there essential-ness traces itself back to the times of Aristotle, a philosopher who lived in ancient Greece. In today’s article, we’ll be looking at his perspective […]