Self-management requires patience, flexibility and alertness, which are the first things to go when you don’t get a good night’s sleep, Getting more sleep at night will probably help you manage yourself better, but not necessarily, The critical factor for an alert, focused, and balanced mind is the quality of your sleep, and for quality sleep you need good sleep hygiene. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
While you sleep, your brain literally recharges, shuffling through the day’s memories and storing or discarding them (Which causes dream), so that you wake up alert and clear headed. You brain is very fickle when it come to sleep. It needs to move through an elaborate series of cycles for you to wake feeling rested. You can help this along and improve the quality of your sleep by following these steps for good sleep hygiene;

  1. Get twenty minutes of morning sunlight.  Your eyes need at least twenty minutes of pre-noon sunlight (Cloudy day are fine) o reset your inner clock, which makes it easier to fall asleep in the evening. The light can’t be filtered by windows or sunglasses. So take the glasses off and crack your car windows on the way to work, or find some time to get outdoors before lunch time.
  2. Turn off the computer at least two hours before bedtime.  The light of a computer screen right in front of your face lat at night is similar enough to sunlight that it tricks your brain, making it difficult to fall asleep and disruptive to the quality of your sleep.
  3. Keep your bed for sleeping. The best way to check out the moment you hit the mattress is to avoid working or watching television in bed. Save your bed for sleep and your body will respond.
  4. Avoid Caffeine, especially in the p.m. Caffeine has a six hour half life, Have a cup of joe at eight a.m., and you’ll still have 25 percent of the caffeine in your body at eight p.m. Caffeine keeps you from falling asleep and is extremely disruptive to the quality of your sleep. It’s best avoided all together, or at least taken in small amount and only before noon.