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Why anger is called “temporary madness”

Anger does not solve anything, it builds nothing, but it can destroy everything. – Lawrence Doughlas Wildler Are you the one who gets angry at the drop of a hat? Do you start throwing your weight at the slightest opportunity? Do you always get angry with all your situations? Have you been labelled as an […]

We have travelled on the path of sex and anger for life after life

You fight anger, and for a moment it seems as if you are going to conquer it – but than the very next day you discover that the victory was merely imaginary, anger takes hold of you again. You fight sexual desire: for a moment it seems that you are victorious, but then again you are defeated.

Happiness is the fruit of compassion and response

It is not the external situations and circumstances that create stress; it is our reaction. Spirituality is to rise above a reaction that is ego driven to a response that can come through pause, mindfulness, alertness. Happiness is the fruit of compassion and response! Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and […]

Happyho anger management session @ work place

Happy Ho session @ work place was organised for a group of selected participants at the global head quarters of Happy Ho in Noida, India. Since anger is rising in the society it is important to understand the alchemy of anger. Participants drawn from varied walks of life shared their experiences and also their current […]