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Managing Self is the best life management – Part 1

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari We all have a tendency to think that change means that we need to change our outer environment, like our workplace or relationships, in order to be happier in life. However, life flows from inside out. Therefore we need to change our inner environment first. The outer is but the manifestation of the […]

Happy employees key to success of an organisation

Managers make strategies to enhance profitability, production, consumer satisfaction and more. However, surprisingly, employee happiness does not seem to be among the top priorities for most of them. They forget that without happy employees all their strategizing is not of much use, as it would not deliver desired results. Before we dig deeper into the […]

How To Evade Unhappiness By Garnering Happiness In Routine Life

People having Fun

Your thoughts are more powerful than you really know. Your expectations from life determine your reality. And when it comes to achieving your goals, if you don’t believe you’ll succeed, you won’t. Latest research from LSU shows that people who believe in themselves use more metacognitive functions than those who don’t. This means that they […]