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Start Accepting, Stop Resisting!

Acceptance is the ultimate reality of life. You must learn to accept when times are tough. We are not saying that you accept whatever comes your way without resisting, but where the situation demands, you must accept. Acceptance is not surrendering to circumstances but it is practical wisdom. Resistance is the other side of the […]

Tension arises when you are chasing something

People are trying to find happiness, hence the over concern with the body. It is almost an obsession. It has gone beyond the limits of concern to obsession with the body. They are making an effort to have some contract with happiness through the body, and that is not possible.

Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa

Most of your unhappiness is due to your acceptance of what others say. Most often they are wrong. Accept the words of God from your own conscience. Stand up right and bold and affirm positive thoughts of accepting your worth as worthy. Move with your head held high, but avoid high headedness. When others see […]

Accept totally for a blissful life

Swami Chaitanya Keerti There is so much misery in our life because of our illusory goals being constantly manufactured by our own mind. It is an endless game for an achieving mind without understanding the vastness of life. It is just like a wave expecting and demanding the ocean to behave according to its wishes. It is […]