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Digital technology can help channel and spread Empathy

No amount of tweeting could help the Occupy Movement clarify their very general political view, develop their leadership capacity and strategy, or maintain the passion of their supporters over a prolonged period. All these typically require face to face meeting and the hard, time-consuming work of collective organising.

Hopelessness disappears from the life who has heard the inner music

Hope means that now, where ever he is in life, the seeker sees a ray of hope. If the night is very dark, he sees that the dawning of the day is closed. If the skies are full of black clouds he says, ” How wonderful the flash of lightening will be!” If suffering comes to him he says, “Let us wait a  little; happiness must be just around the corner.

Can you change the world from your living room?

Couple reading book in living room with laptop on table in cozy living room

Highly emphatic people recognise that by words and pictures offer only second hand experience rather than the real thing, they deserve to be taken seriously, and not dismiss as little more than ‘ empathy lite.’ Why? because art has a long and distinguish history, going back centuries, of kicking our empathic selves into action, be it for the struggle against child labour or the anti war movement.

Money does not buy happiness

Eighty percent of Americans claim to be happy! But the situation is far from being as encouraging as it looks. Despite the improvement in material conditions, depression is now ten times as prevalent as it was in 1960 and affects an ever younger sector of the population. Forty years ago, the mean age of people succumbing to depression for the first time was twenty nine; today it’s fourteen.