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Meditators can regulate mental activity and enhance Gama waves

In the Lab there are two main ways to test the meditators. Electroencephalograms ( EEG) allow changes in the brain’s electrical activity to be recorded with very accurate time resolution, while functional magnetic resonance imagining (FMRI) measures blood flows in various areas of the brain and provides an extremely precise localisation of cerebral activity.

What do you know about “Baby Blues” that Parents Undergo?

The birth of a new born baby can lead to one experiencing a jumble of emotions – happiness, joy, anxiety, gratefulness. But it also might bring in something unexpected – depression.  Many parents experience what most call “baby blues” after the arrival of the new member. What do these blues look like? Well they usually […]

A growth mindset leads to optimistic ways of explaining adversity

A fixed mindset about ability leads to pessimistic explanations of adversity, and that, in turn, leads to both giving up on challenges and avoiding  them in the first place. In contrast, a growth mindset leads to optimistic ways of explaining adversity, and that, in turn, leads to perseverance and seeking out new challenges that will […]

Coping With A Couple’s Financial Crisis, One Step At A Time!

A financial crisis can affect not only your professional or personal life but most importantly, your health. It can make you feel as if turning things around will be impossible.  Two of the most common effects are anxiety and depression. And these two walk hand-in-hand. When one is anxious most of the time, they increase […]

Education is process of closures and new beginnings

Today I was wondering as to what creates the desire for learning in students in and beyond classroom. While we all know that effective teaching is 20% content and 80% education process and we also believe that any process that begins also ends. In the context of teaching, instead of bringing closure to a lesson […]