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Hopelessness disappears from the life who has heard the inner music

Hope means that now, where ever he is in life, the seeker sees a ray of hope. If the night is very dark, he sees that the dawning of the day is closed. If the skies are full of black clouds he says, ” How wonderful the flash of lightening will be!” If suffering comes to him he says, “Let us wait a  little; happiness must be just around the corner.

Meditation and Medicine both come from the same root

The word ” Meditation” and ” Medicine” come from the same root. Medicine means that which heals the physical and meditation means that which heals the spiritual. Both are healing powers. Another thing to be remembered : the world ” Healing” and the word ” Whole” also come from the same root. To be healed […]

Where is that God and what is it like?

There have been revolutions in which we have not accepted the presence of God; instead, very often the revolutionary denies the existence of God. He looks on God as a hindrance to the revolution. He tries to tear down God too. He even becomes angry with God, feeling , “There is so much poverty in the world, so where is your God? what God are you talking about? If there is so much pain and suffering in the world, God cannot exist.” He has tried to erase God.

Home is not far away

Man’s quest for the truth is eternal. It is a long pilgrimage without any beginning. Though it comes to an end, it has no beginning. We have been searching and searching and searching; our search has continued through the centuries, sometime in one form sometime in another form. Even those who don’t seem to be […]