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The BJP government in Uttar Pradesh completes 4 years.

By Shruti  The Bharatiya Janata Party government in Uttar Pradesh has completed 4 years. Let us look at the achievements of BJP in this period. The result of the policy of zero tolerance towards crime and criminals of the UP government has been that the incidents of dacoity, robbery, murder, rebellion and rape have come […]

Reiki helps me heal and create Happiness

By Nona Khanna, Master Healer When we talk about Perfect well being, we often have a perfect body or physical health in mind. We often forget that optimal health and wellness considers the whole person in terms of body, mind, spirit and emotions. The inter relationship between mind, body and spirit is a wonderful connection […]

Intelligence is a celebration 

If you observe this, you will find all the miserable people have more or less similar qualities. They will be grumpy, complaining all the time, any small thing would irritate them, and even a smile from someone will make them suspicious and worried. They may have a big ego, but a very low esteem of themselves. Such people would find thousands of reasons to be unhappy with life.

Be happy that you are your Guru’s choice

Robot Monk

World is passing a phase of painful transformation in political, social and economic spheres. Even religion is not spared. India is no exception as well. We see conman being termed as Godman. They are wolf in skin of sheep. They have built their empires looting the faith of innocent people and have taken the advantage […]

Life Is What We Make of It!

It all depends on where our mind is! If it is in a complaining mode then more and more unpleasant situations will crop up out of thin air! As such their roots are in the mind and manifestations are in the external world. We create our miseries inside and see them outside. Unhappiness breeds in the shallow pool of unconsciousness.

Living Life Inside Out

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari We are naturally drawn outside as all the doors of our sense preceptors are opened to the external! So much of our life energy is spent fixing the external things of life. We struggle to change the outside for our senses drive us to the world outside, but when we draw our consciousness […]

Say goodbye to Unhappiness in New Year

Swami Chaitanya Keerti It is an old story. Also it is a new story, and the story of the future as well. This is how a man always lives. He lives with a question: I am not happy, how can I be happy? What should I do that will make me happy? Mystics in past have given […]