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Anxiety, learn to live with it, but how?

Anxiety is a natural physical and mental process, which you cannot escape. You will face anxiety whenever you feel that you need to sail against the tide. Such situations are not few, they are plenty. These are integral parts of our lives. Anxiety was born at the very same moment as mankind. And since we […]

Are you bogged down by expectations?

“Expectations” the word churns mixed emotions in all of us. Sometimes we feel nice and happy about having some expectations from a loved one, whereas sometimes we are thinking about expectations that we have unmet. Life swings between these two situations. Here, we need to strike a balance between met and unmet expectations. Having expectations […]

Arete…make it your way of life!

Believe me, if you make Arete your way of life, your life will never be the same again… …You will be happy always! Have you ever thought what is the importance of excellence in life? Why you are encouraged to excel in every field of life? The process starts right from childhood and continues till […]

Invest in yourself…

To begin with, what do we mean by investment in yourself? In the Indian milieu, as parents we invest in our home (where our family lives), children, higher education, instruments, gold, car, etc. but never in ourselves. Our needs and desires take a backseat when it comes to us. We keep on postponing investment in […]

Communicate Effectively!

Once, an extremely clever guy said, “A fool is made more of a fool when their mouth is more open than their mind.”  I think most of the problems in life emanate from the fact that we do not communicate effectively. The best example of this scenario is political debates on national television where nobody can […]

Chains are in your head!

You want to break free but cannot because you cannot or you would not?  You need to decide, how you want to live your life – Chained or Free! Obviously, everyone wants to be free like birds, but is this a possibility? Rarely! “Is freedom anything else than the right to live as we wish? […]

Sit back and relax!!

When the entire generation of working professionals is struggling with long work hours, competition, and other work-related stress, the importance of sitting back and relaxing becomes even more important. Recently, when Infosys founder Mr Narayana Murthy made a statement about how India can catch up with advanced nations of the world, he said, “Unless we […]

Start Accepting, Stop Resisting!

Acceptance is the ultimate reality of life. You must learn to accept when times are tough. We are not saying that you accept whatever comes your way without resisting, but where the situation demands, you must accept. Acceptance is not surrendering to circumstances but it is practical wisdom. Resistance is the other side of the […]

Self – Discipline – the KEY to success!

You too are striving to become self-disciplined? You too are unable to achieve your goal? Do you too feel lazy about following a regimen? You too are finding it difficult to take up a task? You need to recover from this state, the sooner the better! You need to be self-disciplined. How do we define […]

Are you able to find your purpose?

Do you often ponder what is the purpose in life? What are you working for so hard? Would you be able to achieve what you want? Do you doubt whether you will be able to achieve your purpose in life? Are you bothered being surrounded by these questions? You need to seek answers! Many of […]