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A true disciple needs power for his inner search and attain nothingness

I see monks, I see holy men: there search is also fundamentally political. They are also interested in people coming to know of their power. They are not just interested in attaining inner power – there interest is in people knowing about it. Even if they have no such power, they are satisfied if people talk about them

Can Wellbeing be changed

Contrary to their insouciant optimism, it turns out that many aspects of human behaviour do not change lastingly.  Your waste line is a prime example. Dieting is a scam, one that bilks americans out of USD 50 billion annually. You can follow any diet on the best seller list and within a month loose 5% of your body weight

The BJP government in Uttar Pradesh completes 4 years.

By Shruti  The Bharatiya Janata Party government in Uttar Pradesh has completed 4 years. Let us look at the achievements of BJP in this period. The result of the policy of zero tolerance towards crime and criminals of the UP government has been that the incidents of dacoity, robbery, murder, rebellion and rape have come […]

Reiki helps me heal and create Happiness

By Nona Khanna, Master Healer When we talk about Perfect well being, we often have a perfect body or physical health in mind. We often forget that optimal health and wellness considers the whole person in terms of body, mind, spirit and emotions. The inter relationship between mind, body and spirit is a wonderful connection […]