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You cannot describe God in any word

God is not Expressible in any word whatever.  Call him “he” and the word falls short; call him “she” and the word falls short; call him  “it” and word falls short, very short. If ‘he’ reminds you of a personality, ‘it’ will remind you of a thing. If ‘he’ reminds you of the male. the ‘she’ […]

The Gateway To Self Realization – Third Eye

Between the two eyebrows is the gland, which is a mysterious part of the body. This gland is called pineal gland, it is the third eye of Tibetans and Shivnetra the eye of Shiva of tantra. Between the two eyes exists the third eye, but it is non-functioning. It is there, it can function any […]

When meditation is perfect you are awake in sleep as well

“And, one thing more,” Ananda said. “You never change your posture, your remain in the same posture. Wherever you put your hand in the beginning, you keep it there the whole night. You never change it. It seems that deep down you are keeping absolutely alert.”