A man of Tao has no choice of his own. Wherever the river takes him, he goes with it.  He never pushes the river, he never fights with it. He has no choice, he has no likes and dislikes. You may even feel that he has likes and dislikes because you cannot understand. You may feel that this cloud is moving towards the north: You can interpret that this cloud is moving towards the north because it has a choice, it has chosen to move north. But you are wrong; the cloud has no choice. He is not bound to go anywhere, he has no destiny. He is simply moving because the whole nature is going that way. He has not chose it. the choice remains with the whole; the liking, disliking, remains with the whole – that is not his business at all. He is unworried. and where ever the cloud reaches is the goal. There is no goal, pre determined; where ever he reaches is the goal. Then there is contentment where ever you are. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
But the mind will go on interpreting according to its own laws. If you come to a Buddha, you will feel that he also likes and dislikes and you will be wrong, because you will interpret him according to your mind. Sometimes he will be going north and you will say he must have chosen, otherwise why ? By going north? Sometimes he will pay attention to one person more than you; You will think he must have chosen; “Why ? otherwise why is he not paying the same attention to me? ” And I tell you He has not chosen, it is just the whole that decides. He is no more a deciding factor, he is  just like a cloud.
If he is paying more attention to a person, that simply means that attention moves that way as a cloud. that person may be in more need, that person may be more empty and attracts attention more. Just like if you dig a whole in the earth, the whole will attract water towards it, because water flows downwards. If that person is more meditative, Buddha will pay more attention – but remember, he is not paying it, it has been attracted. It is a simple natural phenomenon. It is not his choice or like and dislike.