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Mind tends to convert every experience into a question

The human mind tends to covert every experience into a question. That is a very destructive step. Please avoid it. the purpose of being closer to a master is not know that which is not knowable, to know that which is not expressible, to know that which cannot be put into words. When it stats […]

Attainment of truth demands effort and discipline

How can our consciousness be free? How can we free and release our consciousness? How can we bring a mind that is bound, imprisoned in patterns out of the prison? The greatest problem that human beings face is the release and freedom of their consciousness. the question is not about a God, the question is about the freedom of consciousness. 

Religiousness has nothing to do with religion

So it is a great responsibility – which is not possible for one who believes in God, which is not possible for one who believes in the priest, who believes in the church, because he wants to give his responsibility to other people. the Christian thinks Jesus is the saviour , so it is Jesus’s responsibility – “He will come and deliver us from our misery, from this hell.” Freedom simply makes you absolutely responsible for everything that you are and that you are going to be. 

The Observer becomes the Observed

It happens in your life, sometimes only in a few moments when you love a person. That too is rare, because man’s mind never leaves him, even in love. It goes on creating its own nonsense, creating its own world. and the lover is no longer allowed such closeness that he reaches to the background.

Gurupurnima – A day to express gratitude to our Guru.


Gurupurnima is the day to express gratitude for your Guru. Osho says guru is made of “Gu” and “Ru”. Where Gu stands for darkness and Ru stands who dispels the darkness. So Guru is the Light who takes away all your darkness. No language can translate this word it is so intrinsically eastern. Osho says that “Guru choose his disciple”. The calling is from Guru. So all those who got the calling from their Guru are fortunate ones.