What is the hurry? the whole of eternity is yours! You have always been here, you are here, you will always be here. Nothing is ever lost. Now it is a confirmed scientific truth that nothing is ever destroyed. If matter is not destroyed, why should consciousness be destroyed? Matter belongs to a very gross plane of existence. If the gross is so valued by existence, do you think the higher manifestation is not valued by existence? The higher is more valued! If matter persists and is impossible to destroy, consciousness cannot be destroyed either. It is the highest expression of life, there is nothing higher than it. It is the very everest of life, The peak beyond which there is nothing. the whole of existence is moving towards that peak. There is no hurry. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
The whole idea of hurry is a creation of mind. Let me say it in this way: Mind and time are synonymous, the moment your mind stops, time also stops. the more you are in your mind the more you are in time, the less you are in your mind the more you are out of time.
There is a famous statement of Jesus Christ -of course, it is not related in the bible. The Bible has missed many beautiful statements of Jesus but truth has its own way of persisting. It has been carried by the sufi mystics down the ages. \
The statement is: Somebody asks Jesus, ” You talk again and again about the kingdom of God. What will be the most special thing about the kingdom of God? What will be the most unique phenomenon in the Kingdom of God that you talked about?”
Jesus said – a very simple statement but very pregnant, he said, “There shall be time no longer.” Strange, unexpected. One would have expected something else from Jesus: God the father will be there, the holy Ghost will be there, all the saints will be there, and angels will be playing on their harps “Alleluio” – something like that and what he says is totally different. He says, “there shall be time no longer” – and he is right.
Eternity means timelessness. But the Judaic tradition out of which three religions were born – The Jewish religion, The Christian religion and the Mohammedan religion – they all lived with the idea of one life. That idea of one life creates hurry, worry, a constant rush to reach, not knowing exactly where you want to reach or for what or what you will do even if you do reach. A craziness has been created because time is short and it is slipping out of your hands and soon death will knock on the doors and you are still unfulfilled, nothing special has happened yet.
Hence, as days pass your anguish becomes more and more deep, Your anxiety becomes bigger and bigger, your life becomes a burden, you start dragging yourself. You are constantly trembling and afraid that you are not going to make it.