It is a beautiful story. Enlightenment is falling upwards just as love is falling downwards. But something is similar in both, the Falling – unreasonable, unexplainable, inexpressible. Only those to whom it has happened now and even when it has happened you cannot explain it to anybody to whom it has not happened yet.
Christmas Humphrey calls Zen Buddhism that is starting in the wrong direction from the very beginning. Zen is not buddhism – the essential core of the heart of Buddha, certainly, but it is the essential core of Moses too, the essential core of Zarathustra too, Lao Tzu too. It is the essential core of all those who have become enlightened, of all those who have awakened from their dream of all those who have seen that the goose is out, that the goose has never been in, that the problem is not a problem at all in the first place, hence no solution is needed. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Christmas Humphrey says, ” there is a method taking the problem in flank, as it were. it will be nonsense to the rational minded” ….
He himself is rational minded otherwise, it is not nonsense. Nonsense is something below sense. Zen is supra-sense, not nonsense, it is above sense. It is something far beyond the reaches of reason. Logic is a very ordinary game anybody who has a little intelligence can play the game. The moment you go beyond logic you enter the world of Zen. It is not nonsense, it is supra-sense. His very use of the word ‘nonsense’ show a deep down bias towards rationality.
He says: …… But such will read non further. Those who read on will expect increasing nonsense for sense the suburban villas of rational thought, will soon be left behind… ”
They are not left behind, because if you leave something behind you are on the same track. YOu have left a milestone behind but the road is the same, the path is not different. May be you have gone a mile ahead but your dimension has not changed. the difference is only of quantity, not of quality.
The reason is not only left behind the reasons is transcended, surpassed. There is a difference, a great difference, a difference that makes the difference.