Start relaxing from the circumference – that is where we are, and we can start only from where we are. Relax the circumference of your being – relax your body, relax your behaviour, relax your acts. Walk in a relaxed way, eat in a relaxed way, talk and listen in a relaxed way. Slow down every process. Don’t be in a hurry and don’t act in haste. Move as if all eternity is available to you – intact, it is available to you. We are here from the begining and we are going to be here to very end, if there is  a begining and there is an end. Infact, there is no begining and there is no end. We have always been here and we will be here always. Forms go on changing, but not the substance, garments go on changing, but not the soul.
Tension means hurry, fear, doubt. Tension means a constant effort to protect to be secure, to be safe. Tension means preparing for the tomorrow now or for the after life, afraid that tomorrow you will not be able to face the reality, so you have to prepare. Tension means the past that you have not lived really but only somehow by passed, it hangs, it is a hangover, it surrounds you. Happyho also provides best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Remember one very fundamental thing about life; any experience that has not been lived will hang around you, will persist: ” finish me! live me ! complete me !” there is an intrinsic quality in every experience that it tends and wants to be finished, completed. Once completed, it evaporates; incomplete, it persists, it tortures you, it haunts you, it attracts your attention. It says, ” What are you going to do about m? I am still incomplete – fulfil me”
The whole past hangs around you with nothing completed – because nothing has been lived really, everything somehow by passed, partially lived, only so so, in a lukewarm way. There has been no intensity, no passion. you have been moving like a some somnambulist, a sleep walker. So that past hangs and the future creates fear and between the past and future is crushed your present, the only Reality.