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Most people say I Love you in three months to their partner

he most common length of time people waited was three months with an impressive 22%. As many as 14% admitted to saying it after six months, while 13% uttered those all important words within the first month. Not everyone is as reserved when it comes to expressing how they feel though, with 3% saying “I love you“ in as little as a week. At the more cautious end, 3% said it in nine months, 6% in a year and 2% in a staggerng two years.

Staying single has several benefits

Not Being Married Can Have Benefits Like Stronger Social Networks, A Healthier Body Bella DePaulo is 63 years old and she’s been single her entire life. I never wanted to get married. Living single was my happily ever after,“ DePaulo, a psychologist at the University of California Santa Barbara and a pioneer for the single […]