Man is troubled and in anguish because of thoughts and doctrines. it is because of doctrines that truth is never born in the life of man. Borrowed knowledge and what other says and always within him, and they are a hindrance of the truth. Knowledge is not attained from the outside, whatever is gathered from the outside hold back the truth.
I am also outside of you. What ever I say will also be from the outside, you should not think of it as knowledge, it cannot be knowledge for you. What ever someone else gives you cannot be your knowledge and there is even a danger that it could cover up your ignorance. Your ignorance can be covered up, hidden, and you may start to feel you know something. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
When you hear something about truth, you feel that you have known the truth. After reading about truth, you think that you have known it, and so you become handicapped and incapable of attaining the truth.
First, let me tell you that whatever comes from the outside can never be your knowing. Of course, someone could then ask me why am I speaking. Why am I saying anything? I am outside and I am saying something. The only thing I want to say is, take whatever comes from the outside as being outside of yourself, don’t consider it your knowing. whether it comes from me or someone else does not matter.
Knowing is the true self nature of every human being and to know that self nature, we do not need to search outside. If we want to know what is within us, what ever we have learned on the outside has to be unlearned, has to be left aside.
Those who want to know the truth have to put the scriptures aside. Who ever cleanse to scriptures cannot attain the truth. And all of us are clinging to scriptures, all the trouble in the world is due to clinging to scriptures. Who are the Hindus, the Muslims, The Jaina’s, the christians, or the Parsis what is making them to fight each other? What is separating them from each other.
It is the scriptures that separates them. It is the scriptures that make them fight with each other. The whole of mankind is divided because some people cling to certain books and the other cling to other books. The books have become so valuable that we can kill because of them. In the past 3000 years, we killed millions of people because books are so valuable. Because books have become worthy of worship, even the godliness that exist inside man can be demeaned, it can even be rejected, it can even be deadened. This is what has happened and this is happening even today.