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I experience a lot of tension and stress. How can I relax more

Stressed woman having so many thoughts

Tension means hurry, fear, doubt. Tension means a constant effort to protect to be secure, to be safe. Tension means preparing for the tomorrow now or for the after life, afraid that tomorrow you will not be able to face the reality, so you have to prepare.

A man of tao has no choice he lives in choicelessness

You can interpret that this cloud is moving towards the north because it has a choice, it has chosen to move north. But you are wrong; the cloud has no choice. He is not bound to go anywhere, he has no destiny. He is simply moving because the whole nature is going that way.

A Wave of Reverence for Osho, the enlightened master

I remember, a few years ago, Madhya Pradesh High Court had ordered the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation to take care of this Maulshree tree, now known as Osho’s enlightenment tree. After the proper care and beautification, now the whole garden looks so majestic. After the Enlightenment, Osho started sharing the fragrance of enlightenment in  Jabalpur itself, his friends started organising […]

When love is not a need it becomes overflowing

Love happens only when you are mature. You become capable of loving only when you are a grown-up. When you know that love is not a need but an overflow: being-love or gift-love, then you give without any conditions. The first kind, the so-called love, derives from a person’s deep need for another, while ‘gift-love’ […]

Neither life is life nor death is death – Kabir

So, nirvana means that a person has come to know that death is not really death and life is not really life, Once he has come to the realisation of both, there is no longer any built in program for him. He has let go of the program. He says, “Now I will go alone – a solitary bird in flight. ”  He goes completely alone, leaving everything behind.

Body is real but ego is unreal

It is  just like this. I am standing before a mirror; I am real, the mirror is real but the reflection in the mirror is not real. I am real, the mirror is also real, but the reflection in the mirror is a reflection, it is not a reality. Brain cells are real, consciousness is real, but when consciousness gets involved, attached, identified with the brain cells, the ego is formed. That ego is unreal