Some of the pain about feeling unattractive stems from the stories we hear about those who lie on the other end of the spectrum. They do not wake up each morning, hating their bodies. They don’t have to think about what goes on their plates, they don’t hesitate before speaking to someone, their opinions are valued, dating apps don’t exist on their phones, matches wait outside their doors in lines. 

We often find ourselves so occupied with our own bubbles that looking inside those of others never occurs to us. Well, guess what? Just like you, attractive people have their own fair share of problems. And it would be nice if you became aware of some of these. 

1. Body Over Everything

Many a times, such people find it difficult to be heard. The listener is often busy looking at their phenomenal features, so much so that no attention is paid to what is being said, even if it makes complete sense. Often they are given the entire control of the dynamic even if they haven’t earned it. Their opinions do not matter, all that matters if how and what they’ve decorated their bodies with. 

2. Risk Of Developing No Character

When your opinions are not heard, let alone be valued, there’s always a risk of being unable to develop one’s personality. The attractives, since a very young age, had to never start a conversation, impress someone. They rarely faced rejection. What was difficult for the rest while growing up, grew on the trees of the attractive. All this ease made things difficult for the development of their character. No wonder people find attractive people unappealing the moment they open their mouths, a mouth the society never valued for what it valued was the face.

3. Constant Maintenance

Attractive people may not have belly rolls to worry about but each morning that they wake up, they have to work hard about maintaining the way they look. They, just like you, have to monitor what’s on their plate and in their tummy. In many countries with wide access to food and media, such a pressure to look a certain way has given rise to multiple deadly eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia nervosa. 

4. Lack Of Trust

The attractive are often left wondering what it is that people exactly like about them. Is it really the person that they are or just their bodies? They might want to be appreciated for the food they cooked or the book they authored or a play that they directed, but nothing really goes down as well as the pants they wore, the shirt they picked or the way they tucked their hair. 


When actually understood, the attractive have just as many concerns as we do. They may look different but they are concerns at the end of the day. Just like you, they have times when they feel lonely, find it difficult to trust, feel unheard or unloved. Even though the gods were kind to them, life is not.