The obsessive desire that often accompanies passionate love can degrade affection, tenderness, and the joy of appreciating  and sharing the life of another. It is the diametric  opposite of altruistic love. It arises from egocentrism that merely cherishes itself in the other or, worse still, seeks to forge its own happiness at other’s expense. This kind of desire wants only to appropriate and control the people, objects and situations that attract it. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
This is how one dictionary defines passion: “Powerful, exclusive and obsessive love. Violent affectivity that hampers the judgement”. It is fuelled by exaggeration and illusion and insists that things be other than the way they actually are.
What about sexual infatuation? We may agree with Christian Boron an author and CEO, that ” sexual attraction is not pathological, but it is not an emotion either. It is the normal expression of a desire like hunger and thirst. Nonetheless, it arouses the most powerful emotions in us because it draws its strength from all five senses combined: sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell. In the absence of inner freedom, any intense sensory experience unleashes its succession of attachments and subjugates us ever more cruelly. It is like a whirlpool in a river: we pay it little heed, with think it is safe to swim, but when the Eddy Suddenly accelerates and deepens, we are sucked in without hope of rescue. Conversely, the person who can maintain perfect inner freedom feels all these sensation in the simplicity of the present moment, with the delight of a mind free of attachment and expectation.
Obsessive desire exaggerate the intensity and frequency of the mental images that trigger it. Like a scratched record, it endlessly replace the same leitmotif. It is polarisation of the mental universe a loss of flow that paralyses inner freedom. Elaine writes: ” what would be left of the sorrow of the thwarted lover tossing and turning in his bed fantasising dubious schemes of revenge. if he were to stop mulling over the past and the future? ” Such obsessions become extremely painful when they are not assuaged and grow in power when they are. The universe of obsession is one in which the sense of urgency is bound to powerlessness.